Top 5 Fun Skills Seniors Should Consider Learning Online


Want to know how to stay young? Never stop learning! Seniors who keep their minds active experience more joy and better health. Learning something new gives you a reason to get out of bed and out of your pajamas, too. According to Everyday Health, mental stimulation throughout your life is important to your brain’s health. In other words, when you keep your mind engaged, you are at a lower risk of dementia. Grand Oaks of Palm City offers the following tips on how you can sharpen your mind by picking up a new skill through the internet.

Learn to Play an Instrument

When you were young, you may have complained about those piano or violin lessons your mom made you take. Now that you’re older, you wish you’d continued taking those lessons. Or maybe you really want to learn to play the piano or try your hand at the cello. If either of these situations describe you, try taking music lessons online. No matter what instrument you want to play, you can find someone to teach you. And if you want to improve your cognitive function, you’ll be glad to know that learning to play an instrument uses all areas of your brain. In other words, you give your brain a complete workout when you play.

Learn Another Language

If you took Spanish or French in high school, you probably don’t remember much. But that’s okay. Nowadays, you can learn another language online. Whether you want to learn the language on your own or with a group of friends, there are plenty of online tutorials and courses that will have you speaking a foreign language sooner than you think.

Master a Workout Routine

Although mastering a workout routine might not sound like fun, it could mean that you haven’t found the right type of exercise yet. Look beyond lifting weights or riding an exercise bike — consider things like yoga, which has a number of incredible benefits for both your mind and your body. Here’s the best part: If you’re enrolled in a Medicare Advantage plan, you may have access to the SilverSneakers program, which you can enjoy virtually without any additional cost. So, if you’ve had your eye on trimming your waistline while mastering something like yoga, now’s the perfect time to get started. The key is to find something you actually enjoy so that you will stick with it.

Art Classes

Channel your inner Picasso or da Vinci by signing up for online art classes. Whether you have a desire to learn to draw or paint a beautiful picture, art classes can help you acquire the skill. Seniors who take art classes benefit from improved hand-eye coordination, concentration, and creativity. They experience a boost in self-esteem as well as reduced stress.


Have you secretly harbored dreams of becoming a bestselling writer? Maybe you used to write poetry or scribble short stories in high school but gave up writing as you grew older. Why not pick it up again by taking a writing class? Receive feedback from an experienced published writer as you learn the best way to plot a story. Online instructors teach fledgling writers how to revise their work and find publishers that just might publish their stories and poetry.

Get Connected

There are so many great ways to stay active and keep learning in retirement, especially with the internet. The possibilities are endless! Tapping into online classes, however, does require a functioning computer, as well as a reliable internet connection. If your current desktop computer has seen better days, consider investing in a new device so you can enjoy all the internet has to offer. If you’ve already got a working monitor, you can save money on a tower-style PC through online deals and promotions. Once you’ve got your tech in place, the world of learning online is your oyster!


Being a lifelong learner improves your brain and gives you a reason to get up in the morning. If you want to lower your risk for dementia and enjoy a richer life, never stop learning. No matter how you obtain a new skill, you will reap a multitude of benefits from exercising your brain and learning something new.


About the Author: Cheryl Conklin takes writing and tutoring seriously. From her travels and experiences, Wellness Central was born with the goal of instilling the mindset of physical and mental wellbeing to various audiences. She only wishes to be able to share her many inspirations from her escapades. Visit to learn more.


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