Moving to Memory Care: Ensuring a Smooth Transition for Seniors with Dementia


When a loved one with Alzheimer’s disease or a related form of dementia is in need of more care than what can safely be provided at home, moving to a memory care community like Grand Oaks of Palm City is often the choice of many families.

For countless older adults, however, relocating from their home is a stressful experience, and many seniors and their families are not adequately prepared for the challenges, like transfer trauma, that can accompany moving to a memory care facility. Even when moving is wanted, a change in surroundings and daily routines can be challenging for seniors with dementia.

Helpful Tips When Moving to Memory Care

With moving comes change, and change brings disruptions to daily routines that can threaten a senior adult’s sense of security. The following tips can help minimize stress and reduce the feelings of anxiety and uncertainty that can accompany moving to memory care.

Create a Task Timeline. Before establishing a move-in date, consider the amount of time and resources it will take to ensure a smooth transition for your loved one. You may want to enlist the support of a professional moving manager to help with important tasks like downsizing, hiring a moving company, or donating unneeded items to a local charity.

Introduce the Community Before Moving. Depending on your loved one’s stage of memory loss, it may be beneficial to get involved in your chosen community’s life enrichment program prior to moving in. Bringing your loved one to the community a few times a week and participating in activities will help acclimate them to their new home and new neighbors.

Make it Familiar. Prior to moving to memory care, tour your chosen facility and select a floor plan that is most similar in size and layout to your loved one’s current home. Plan where furniture and other belonging will go, keeping in mind how important it is for someone with memory loss to be surrounded by familiar things.

Plan Ahead for Moving Day. To help ensure a successful moving day, decide where your loved one will go while items are being moved from their home. Consider having someone you trust keep your senior family member occupied while you supervise the move, or you can take them to the community ahead of time for lunch and activities.

Eliminate the Guilt. Our final tip—and possibly our most important one—is to eliminate the guilt you may feel during the transition process. Caregivers often struggle with feelings of guilt when it comes time to relocate a loved one with dementia. Be kind to yourself and remember that you’ve made a decision that you feel is in your senior loved one’s best interest. It’s also important to remember that moving to a memory care community helps adults with dementia live enriching, quality lives.

Memory care centers, like Grand Oaks of Palm City Memory Care, allow those experiencing Alzheimer’s or dementia to feel safe, happy, and productive, despite their memory loss. For more information, call  772-291-0795 today.

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